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The Game

Fight your friends in a beautiful village where two parkouring archer factions are fighting for a crown.

Arrowhood is a 4-player, local splitscreen FPS game, which draws inspiration from the older, fast paced FPS games like Quake, while mixing it with the modern fps games that it has influenced over the last 20 years.

The Features

  • Climb, run, and jump quickly over the city's rooftops, and use the hookshot for extra swift traversal.
  • Use the lunge to quickly dodge the precise arrows fired by your enemies.
  • Retaliate quickly with the use of a streamlined aim-assist using lock-on and offset mechanics, allowing for both quick and precise shots.
  • Find and utilize special arrows to either freeze off your foes, or blow them up.

Whomsoever keeps control of the crown shall reign.


Controllers are essential and four players are recommended.

Arrowhood was developed in Unreal Engine 4 in four weeks as a part of a game project at Futuregames a higher vocational education for game development in Stockholm, Sweden.


Install instructions

Download and unzip.
Launch game from exe.
Remember that controllers are essential and that four players are recommended.


Arrowhood.zip 1,005 MB

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